Department of Emergency Medicine
Environmental and Occupational Health

The Division of Environmental and Occupational Health


Wednesday, November 26, 2014:

    SPH 290 Seminar - Topics in Public Health Hot Topics in STD Epidemiology and Finding the Data to Cool Things Down, Michael C. Samuel, DrPH, Chief, Surveillance and Epidemiology Section STD Control Branch, DCDC, CID, CA Dept. of Public Health

Monday, December 1, 2014:

    Ag Center Seminar - Deborah Bennett, PhD Join us on Monday, Dec. 1st at 4 PM. Topic: Division of Environmental and Occupational Health, UC Davis. Indoor Pesticide Use: Make Sure Not to Forget it! Location: Center for Health and the Environment, Old Davis Rd., Davis, CA (no reservations or permit required). Refreshments served.

Job Listings:

    Molecular Nutritional Epidemiologist (Tenure-Track)